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When you love someone

When you love someone - Bryan AdamsWhen you love someone you'll do anything You'll do all the crazy things that you can't explain You'll shoot the moon - put out the sunWhen you love someone You'll deny the truth - believe a lie There'll be times that you...

Def Leppard / When Love And Hate Collide / Let's Get Rocked

Def Leppard - When Love And Hate Collide Def Leppard - When Love And Hate CollideYou could have a change of heart If you would only change your mind Instead of slamming down the phone, girl For the hundredth time I got your number on my wall But I ai...

Faith Hill - live

Faith Hill - Free (live)Faith Hill & Keith Urban Grammys 2006Angie Aparo and Faith Hill- Cry (Live)faith hill: when the lights go down (live at cma)

Starts With

Carrie Underwood Starts With Goodbye I was sitting on my doorstep, I hung up the phone and it fell out of my hand, But I knew I had to do it, And he wouldn't understand, So hard to see myself without him, I felt a piece of my heart break, But when ...

Never Gonna Leave Your Side

Never Gonna Leave Your Side - Daniel Bedingfield And I'm never gonna leave your side. And I'm never gonna leave your side, again. Still holding on, girl, I won't let you go, Cause when I'm lying in your arms I know I'm home. Never gonna leave your si...

Natacha Atlas - When I Close My Eyes

Natacha Atlas - Yalla Chant Natacha Atlas - Mish Fadilak Natacha Atlas & Marc Eagleton Project-Geranos Natacha Atlas - Mistaneek Natacha Atlas - Mon Amie La Rose Natacha Atlas, Jean Michel Jarre - C'est La Vie Natacha Atlas - When I Close My Eyes ...

When I need you..

..aveam 16 ani...mi-aduc aminte cum adesea raspundeam la telefon...suna, suna dar nici o voce nu se auzea..simteam doar o suflare dincolo de capatul celalalt era desigur un baiat, un tanar si frumos indragostit:) imi punea mereu aceeasi melod...

Songs to play_country

Martina McBrideYou can spend your whole life building something from nothing One storm can come and blow it all away Build it anyway You can chase a dream that seems so out of reach and you know it might not ever come your way Dream it anyway God is great...

Songs to play_country

Lucky OneLook Heart No Hands Alison Krauss & Union StationSara Evans - You'll Always Be My Baby Sara Evans singing Cheatin Montgomery Gentry - She Don't Tell Me TooSonya Isaacs - How Can I ForgetAlison Krauss - Everytime You Say GoodbyeAlison Krauss - W...

Songs to play - Whistle Down The Wind

Tina Arena - Whistle Down The Wind Whistle down the wind Let your voices carry Drown out all the rain Light a patch of darkness Treacherous and scary Howl at the stars Whisper wh...

Songs to play_Sarah Conner

From Sarah with love Living To Love You From Sarah with love For so ...

Songs to play_U2 frontman & the Corrs

When the stars go blue - U2 frontman & the Corrs

Songs to play_Same old story

Same old story - Anastacia Turn around take a look at my life I'm a lot like you are Try to hide from yesterday Still the pain never went away Could it be, history All the ...

Songs to play_Sting

Sting - Fields of Gold Sting - If I Ever Lose My Faith In You Sting - When We Dance Mad About Y...


Honesty_Billy Joel If you...

"Viata nu e posibila decat datorita deficientei memoriei si imaginatiei noastre.".. Cioran
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